Army Summit 2016 - Man and Machine – The Future Face of War?


Man and Machine – The Future Face of War? This year's Army Summit will be held at Ridehuset, Akershus Fortress in Oslo on 20 September.


Human beings, artificial intelligence and raw steel are merging together on future battlefields. In an ever-increasing pace the future is transforming science fiction into science fact. Will the rise of the machines and technology change the face of war? Most definitively. But when, where; - and how?

This years Army Summit aims to elucidate the debate surrounding future land power and the role of the soldier and technology.

Not only does the new reality come with threats and challenges, it also bears promise and opportunity. The Norwegian Army is embracing this future. We are increasing our focus on innovation and utilisation of modern technology, hand in hand with a deep human focus and expanding knowledge of the complexities of modern conflict.

The Army Summit 2016 explores these issues. The conference will maintain a realistic perspective on realities "on the ground"; which in many parts of the world is, and will continue to be, old materiel and slow and conservative doctrinal development. We will compare and contrast these realities with cutting edge perspectives and experiences from world leading experts - from holistic operations, to mesh networks and artificial intelligence. How does the old and the new meet, not forgetting where we came from - but also taking advantage of new possibilities?

How much do we allow ourselves to depend on technology? Is it possible to solve modern missions without fully embracing the most high tech solutions? Where does our ethical and legal boundaries go, both in terms of risk acceptance and in the application of violence through technology?

These and many other themes will be explored at this years Army Summit where amongst others Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster, voted by Time Magazine as one of the worlds 100 most influential people, and award winning author David Kilcullen will debate the future role of land power in an ever more complex world. 

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