Sveriges Riksbank extends its collaboration with EVRY


(June 2017) Sveriges Riksbank has extended its collaboration with EVRY, one of the largest IT service providers in the Nordic region, meaning that EVRY will continue to provide Sveriges Riksbank with IT support for two more years.

Sveriges Riksbank, Sweden’s central bank, has decided to extend its current agreement with EVRY until the end of autumn 2019. EVRY will therefore continue to manage Sveriges Riksbank’s IT infrastructure for two more years.

“EVRY is going to continue to work to offer long-term and reliable access to IT expertise, and it will collaborate with Sveriges Riksbank to increase the efficiency of and improve the bank’s IT environment. Now that this collaboration has been extended, we at EVRY will continue to deliver a modern and secure IT environment that offers high availability, which will enable Sveriges Riksbank to remain focused on its core activities”, explains Fredrik Almén, EVP Sweden, EVRY.

EVRY and Sveriges Riksbank started their collaboration in November 2012, and it will now continue until November 2019.

“We are looking forward to continuing our collaboration with Sveriges Riksbank, and we are pleased it will continue for two more years. Sveriges Riksbank is a very important public authority in Sweden, and because of this we are proud that EVRY has been given the opportunity to continue to deliver smart and useful digital solutions”, comments Frederik Almén.

For more information, contact:

Fredrik Almén, EVP Sweden, EVRY

Tel: +46 70 333 15 59

Email: fredrik.almen@evry.com



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1360 Fornebu

+47 06500http://www.evry.com

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