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Strøm Gundersen to build Proffen Hageby


Strøm Gundersen AS, in which AF Gruppen is the principal shareholder, has been chosen as contractor to build 24 attached homes and 16 apartments in the project Proffen Hageby in Drammen. The client is Professor Smiths Utvikling AS.

Proffen Hageby. Ill: Oxivisuals
Proffen Hageby. Ill: Oxivisuals

The contract comprises construction of 4,920 square meters, as well as outdoor areas. 

The contract will be carried out as a collaborative design and build contract and is valued at NOK 109 million, excluding VAT.

Construction will start in March 2018 with completion 17 months later.

For further information:
CEO, AF Gruppen ASA: Morten Grongstad, tel. +47 99 15 39 05
EVP Building, AF Gruppen ASA: Henning Olsen, tel. +47 91 74 15 92
General manager, Strøm Gundersen AS: Arne Riise, tel. +47 97 53 12 49



Proffen Hageby. Ill: Oxivisuals
Proffen Hageby. Ill: Oxivisuals
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