Preparing for a smooth radio switch-over


During April 2017 important changes will be made regarding radio transmissions in several counties. Radio users are advised to examine the different alternatives for radio listening, says Gudbrand Guthus, Director for Licensing and Supervision Department at the Norwegian Media Authority.

– Experience from Nordland shows that it is unwise to postpone the preparations for the radio switch-over. When everyone wants DAB equipment for their cars installed at or around the switch-over date, there will be queues and delays.

– In the summer months, many people spend weekends and days off in cabins, boats or caravans. One should bear in mind that the radio switch-over may be implemented earlier at your holiday location than where you live. Checking your radios in your cabin or in your boat would therefore be a good suggestion, in order to plan for your radio listening after the switch-over. Also do not forget that most local radio stations will continue their FM transmissions, says Guthus.

Important radio dates in April

On April 21, P4, Radio Norge and some local radio stations will terminate their FM transmissions in Trøndelag and Møre og Romsdal. Next NRK will switch off their FM transmissions on April 26 in Telemark, Buskerud, Hedmark and Oppland. The radio switch-over will be implemented in the rest of the country during summer and autumn 2017.





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