Media invite DV-day exercise Cold Response 2016


The Norwegian Armed Forces will conduct a distinguished visitors day (DV-day) in relation to the exercise Cold Response 2016. There will be military leaders from participating allied countries. Media are invited to attend on specific parts of the visiting day march 1.st.

12:00 Low pass by American B-52 bomber Namsos wharf 

Our guests will be out on two frigates out in the Namsenfjord. The frigates will be close to Namsos and the low pass will be visible from the wharf. Media are free to film or photograph the low pass from the quayside in Namsos.

13:30 Static display of participating forces Stranda Namsos

Our guests get to meet soldiers who represent the various units involved in the exercise. The soldiers will show some of their equipment and be available for small talk. Media can also talk to the soldiers and take pictures of the equipment. The photos must be clarified with the individual soldier in advance.

The event ends at 15:00

Accreditation: Exercise Press Center will establish an accreditation point at Stranda from at 10:00 on the 1st of March. Journalists who want to enter the area must be accredited before they enter.

For questions, call press the phone: 400 29 699

15,000 soldiers from 14 nations are coming to Central Norway to further improve their ability to deal with challenging winter conditions.




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