IFCO awards annual Sustainability Certificate to retailers and growers


Reinforces sustainability credentials of retailers and growers in North America and Europe

Pullach, Germany – 12. February 2019: IFCO, the leading global provider of reusable
packaging solutions for fresh foods, is awarding its annual Sustainability Certificate in
Europe and North America. IFCO’s sustainability certification initiative was inaugurated
in September 2018, when it was handed out to retailer customers in Europe and North
America for the first time. This year, the certificate will also be given to growers. All
companies awarded with the Sustainability Certificate will benefit from tangible and
credible proof of their commitment to environmental protection and sustainability. IFCO
is amongst the most sustainable logistics companies worldwide and leads the industry
in corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Sustainability Certificate demonstrates environmental commitment

Today, customers increasingly value sustainable products and business practices.
Retailers and producers awarded with the IFCO certificate are able to prove their
environmental engagement and thus benefit from increased customer loyalty.
Furthermore, corporate sustainability goals are increasingly in the focus of company
shareholders. IFCO’s Sustainability Certificate is a clear demonstration of
environmentally friendly behavior to customers and shareholders alike.

IFCO started its Sustainability Certificate initiative in September 2018. This year, the
certificate will not only be handed out to retailers but for the first time to growers, too.
The use of RPCs makes a meaningful contribution to environmental protection. Thus,
IFCO will share these achievements with its customers by awarding them with the
Sustainability Certificate. Each retailer and grower will receive a certificate highlighting
the amount of C0 2 , water, energy, solid waste, and food waste avoided by utilizing IFCO
RPCs in its supply chain.

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