EVRY strengthening its focus on artificial intelligence


EVRY has entered into a technology partnership with ADDO AI from Singapore that will see the companies collaborate on new concepts and solutions based on artificial intelligence.

ADDO AI is a company with specialist expertise in artificial intelligence. From its base in Singapore, the company has a unique network of leading specialist teams across the entire region. ADDO AI works with large organisations on using AI in areas such as healthcare, smarter cities, real estate development and finance.

“Asia is progressing at record speed in terms of using AI to enhance progress on welfare, to develop new, innovative services and to increase competitiveness. The Nordic region has a lot to learn from what is happening in key parts of Asia in relation to what is one of the most important global drivers of innovation. This partnership with ADDO AI will give us first-hand insight into technological progress while also allowing us to benefit from how leading organisations apply artificial intelligence”, comments Elin Hauge, VP Cognitive Services Advisory Team from EVRY.

“ADDO AI’s organisation and network will give EVRY access to unique expertise, as well as to solutions and methodologies that world-leading organisations use to exploit AI. This is a unique collaboration that will enable customers in the Nordic region to create greater business value from AI more quickly”, comments CEO Ayesha Khanna from ADDO AI.

ADDO AI is currently working with a range of customers in countries such as Singapore, Dubai, Japan and Pakistan, and based on the experience of and the methodologies used for these projects, EVRY will work on solutions that can strengthen the innovativeness and competitiveness of organisations in the Nordic region. Examples of areas in which EVRY and ADDO AI foresee AI as having significant potential include:

  • Urban planning: the solution is built on a multimodal platform (integrating busses, trains, bike and scooter sharing, and autonomous vehicles) that collects and analyses large quantities of data, and uses artificial intelligence to optimise the routes taken by residents and to provide them with personalised recommendations based on their mobility patterns. The solution, which was developed for Singapore and is now being adopted in other major cities, also provides the authorities with concrete recommendations in terms of environmentally friendly infrastructure changes in order address future traffic needs in cities.
  • Real estate development: Artificial intelligence can be used to maximise the revenue generated per square meter of commercial premises while also offering building users seamless services. The solution is based on gathering and analysing extensive amounts of data such as usage patterns, capacity utilisation, IoT and contextual information.

EVRY has launched a range of initiatives designed to strengthen its focus on emerging technologies and artificial intelligence. The partnership with ADDO AI will give EVRY ongoing access to the latest developments, research materials and the experiences of customers that are front runners in Asia as well as globally. The collaboration will help strengthen EVRY’s expertise and ability to drive customer-centric innovation.




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EVRY is one of Scandinavia's leading providers of IT services and has a local presence in over 50 Nordic towns and cities. EVRY focuses on selected industries, such as the public sector, banking and finance, insurance, healthcare, the energy industry, oil and gas, manufacturing companies, retailing and logistics, technology and communications, and service industries. Through its industry knowledge and technological insight, EVRY creates digital advantage for its customers and contributes to the development of the information society of the future. EVRY has approximately 9,000 employees and reports annual turnover of around NOK 12.5 billion.

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