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Dedicated security lane for passengers wearing Bunad

Avinor employees wearing the Norwegian national costume "Bunad" (Photo: Avinor)
Avinor employees wearing the Norwegian national costume "Bunad" (Photo: Avinor)

In the event of May 17, a lot of travellers are expected at Avinor Oslo Airport. In keeping with tradition, passengers wearing a bunad will have dedicated security checkpoints. 

“There are large numbers of travellers in the days around May 17, and the preceding day up to 100,000 people will travel to or from Oslo Airport. We have decorated the airport and are ready to welcome everyone travelling,” says communications manager Joachim Westher Andersen.

How to travel with a bunad
If you travel wearing a bunad on May 16 and 17, you may, as tradition dictates, use the family security checkpoints. This is a service for those who chose to travel when dressed up – and this has been a popular service for the past three years.

“This has become a good tradition, and we feel that it’s nice to show our appreciation to those who want to travel in their bunad,” says Andersen, who also provides some tips for those in their finest dress:

“You are permitted to wear your bunad and bring your bunad jewellery as hand luggage, but it can pay to prepare before passing the security checkpoint. Brooches, buttons and jewellery will trigger the metal detector. Gather your bunad jewellery in a bag or box and present it at the security checkpoint when mentioning that you have a bunad in your hand luggage,” Andersen says.

Bunad knives must be sent in checked luggage.

Can I bring a cake as hand luggage?
This is a question that often comes up around holidays like these.

Travellers cannot bring cream cakes through the security checkpoint, as cream is classified as spreadable/liquid. 

“Cakes don’t travel very well as checked luggage either, but passengers are free to consider their options. Previously passengers have shared cakes they have been unable to bring through the security checkpoint with other passengers and employees. This has lightened the atmosphere at the security checkpoint,” Andersen says.

Tie straps
When using the airport’s self-service solutions to check luggage yourself, travellers are encouraged to tie long straps and loops so that they don’t get caught on the baggage belt. This particularly applies to rucksacks and bags. If in any doubt of whether your luggage is properly packed, contact the staff nearby.

If you have any questions related to your visit to Oslo Airport, passenger service is on duty around the clock. Feel free to send a message to our inbox or via Facebook if you have any questions.

Traffic figures 14 – 20 May at Oslo Airport:

Monday 14 May: 83,971
Tuesday 15 May: 78,975
Wednesday 16 May: 94,917
Thursday 17 May: 50,000
Friday 18 May: 85,070
Saturday 19 May: 52,619
Sunday 20 May: 68,640


Press contact numberPress service for journalists

Travellers are adviced to call our passenger service at +47 915 06 400

+47 918 15 614


Avinor employees wearing the Norwegian national costume "Bunad" (Photo: Avinor)
Avinor employees wearing the Norwegian national costume "Bunad" (Photo: Avinor)
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Avinor is a wholly-owned state limited company under the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications and is responsible for 45 state-owned airports.

Twelve of the airports are operated in cooperation with the Norwegian Armed Forces.

In addition to the airports, Avinor operates control towers, control centres and other technical infrastructure for safe air navigation.

The air navigation services is organised as subsidiary wholly-owned by Avinor. Avinor's headquarter is in Oslo.

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