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TUI Care Foundation samarbeider med IFAW for å forhindre ulovlig elefantjakt i Kenya20.2.2019 08:00:00 | TUI Norge

• Med støtte fra TUI Care Foundation implementerer IFAW ny teknologi for å beskytte elefantpopulasjoner i Tsavo-området. •Sammen med Kenya Wildlife Service og lokalsamfunnet, vil IFAWs tenBoma-initiativet hjelpe lokale voktere med å samle inn, behandle og analysere data. • Initiativet tilbyr opplæring og mentorskap for 130 voktere fra Kenya Wildlife Service og lokalsamfunnet slik at de kan bruke den innsamlede dataen til handling som effektivt kan beskytte dyrelivet og lokalsamfunnet.

German chancellor Angela Merkel at the Digitising Europe Summit: “5G roll-out is important, but must also be physically feasible”19.2.2019 17:48:24 | Vodafone Institut für Gesellschaft und Kommunikation GmbH

German chancellor Angela Merkel has promoted a rapid but realistic expansion of fast Internet infrastructure. At the Digitising Europe Summit organised by the Vodafone Institute, she said: "In the 5G discussion, everyone is saying that this is a good time to put all kinds of things into it, especially in parliament. But everything must also be physically feasible", Merkel continued: "When it comes to telecommunications, you always have to think first about the customer and not about profitability. We have to balance private investment power with state support". Under the theme "The Future of Made in Europe", the Vodafone Institute brought together high-ranking European politicians to debate how to shape digital change in Europe. Speakers included German Chancellor Merkel, EU Commissioner Günter Oettinger and Austrian Minister of Economony, Margarete Schramböck; top executives of international companies such as Tom Enders (Airbus), Philippe Donnet (Generali) and Alex Karp (Palantir) as
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